Sobre Bella Aurora Labs

BELLA AURORA LABS S.A. is a Spanish-owned company specialized in cosmetics brands that offer solutions to specific needs such as dark spots (Bella Aurora), acne (Lullage) and hair setting (FIXONIA). It also distributes major international brands from leading companies: Mavala, Goldwell, John Frieda, Sensationail and Fingr's, from Switzerland, Japan and the USA. Bella Aurora brand ( was created in 1890 in Aurora, near Chicago, USA and reached Spain in 1913. Investment in R&D is essential as they are experts in depigmentation, skin lightening and anti-ageing. Their laboratories are constantly researching and collaborating with universities and research centres in the development of new active ingredients and analysing any new ingredient that may come onto the market. In 2015, Bella Aurora Labs opened a cell culture laboratory which has meant a step forward in the strategy to become the worldwide leader in depigmentation treatments. The company operates through various channels, including perfumery chains, pharmacies and department stores. It also has a wide-ranging network of marketing, sales and promotional teams. It exports mainly to countries in the Americas and the European Union. The company is currently full speed into expansion both in terms of markets and turnover. in 2016, after more than three years of growth in the Mexican market, Bella Aurora Labs opened its own subsidiary in Mexico. Bella Aurora is also present in Colombia, Bolivia, Russia, Qatar, Portugal and with fledging presence in China. In the future, the aim set is to consolidate the Chinese market. The company's mission is "We work from the heart for you to feel good. By serving you, we improve."​