Sobre Enigmedia

Digital transformation in industry is unstoppable. Connected industry brings many advantages and opportunities for cost reduction, more efficiency, carbon-print reduction, and generation of new business models. But digitisation brings also risks. Digitisation increases the attack surface as existing vulnerabilities are exposed. In this scenario, "cybersecurity is a prerequisite" to build up a solid digital transformation strategy. Cyberattacks are now targeting critical infrastructures and manufacturing plants. Attackers can easily take advantage of legacy industrial control systems (ICS) vulnerabilities and weaknesses. ICS devices, protocols, and network configurations were designed to stay isolated, so nowadays we are threatened by our dependency on “unsecure-by-design” elements. Enigmedia builds native ICS/OT cybersecurity products enabling manufacturing customers and critical infrastructures to protect their strategic assets, improve productivity avoiding downtime, enhance people safety, and comply with international standards and recommendations. Enigmedia products have been designed together with industrial CIOs and CISOs and following international standards (i.e. IEC-62443). Our cybersecurity products suite "Mercury" is easy to deploy and to configure, it is deployed transparently without affecting existing process and being fully compatible with legacy devices and protocols, avoiding reengineering and all its related costs. We protect ICS/OT/IoT networks and devices to secure our customers digital transformation and to protect citizens enjoying safe products and services.