Sobre Super Troupers

The advent of the “digital influencers” as opinion makers and trend setters has revolutionized the advertising industry. But until now e-Commerce advertisers have not been able to convert influence into sales leads. That’s because the Performance marketing hasn’t been adapted to the influencers’ natural narrative. By integrating recurring call-to-actions for a sale in the narrative, Super Troupers addresses that market inefficiency. Our affiliate platform is the long missed link between the e-Commerce advertisers and the long tail of social media actors with determinant influence over the buying decision of their products and services. We are opening a blue ocean to be explored by the advertising industry. ============================================= What we do: we run influencer marketing campaigns with native, customizable widgets available on our affiliate platform. These widgets are designed to boost the influencers’ narrative with recurring, functional call-to-actions for a sale. Our mission is to be the preferred monetization solution for 500 out of the 1,000 top influencers in every category of content and e-commerce. Our Vision is to establish the new standard for the monetization of the long tail of the social media actors worldwide. Competitive Edge: tradicional influencers platforms give them “a fish” per campaign; we give them “a fishing rod”.