Sobre Verse Technologies Inc

Verse is a venture-funded startup headquartered in Barcelona. We’re a global payments technology platform: our beautiful product lets people pay each other back instantly. And it’s working, people love sending money with Verse and we’re evolving the way the world pays. Our mobile app that allows you to share payments easily, instantly and with no hidden fees. Not only can you pay and receive money in the time it takes you to send a text message, but you can also create events and pool expenses for birthday presents, dinners with your friends, or road trips. The app also allows you to choose whether your transactions are private or public so that you can have fun while keeping track of your financial activities. From our founding in 2015 to our launches in over 15 countries today, Verse’s rapidly expanding global presence continues to revolutionize digital payments. If you want to have a huge impact on the world, this is the place to be!. Since then they have grown from a team of seven to a team of thirty which includes people from several countries and who hail from companies such as King, Just Eat, Deliveroo, Twitter, Amazon, and Google. The app is available in all of the European Union and works with all their different currencies.